By the grace of Allah the almighty, SMA Rizvi Textile Institute (SMARTI) is one of the most prestigious institutions imparting technical education and providing skilled manpower to the most important industry of the country  Iam honored with the trust that student ,their parents and textile industry place in our institute and convey my message with following few words. After completion of school life, choosing where t continue education is a major decision for the students, which has a lifelong impact on their career..That’s why this decision has to be taken with extreme care and should be based on complete knowledge of national and international job market and economics environment. In the pages to follow , this prospectus will give the inspiring students and their parents. Details of various programs, eligibility norms ,academic  calendar, infrastructure , resources, life at campus and co-curricular activates at SMARTI.

We provide technical education through unique teaching methodology couple with hands on experience in workshops and laboratories .When students join SMARTI, We invest time in them. They are encouraged to participate in the extensive array of opportunities which exist beyond the success. Students Technological leadership is within the very fabric of our institute . SMARTI is dedicated to enhance academic capability and develop personal character of students enabling them to cope up with the latest scientific and technological advancement in a rapidly changing world.  Patronization from Towel Manufacturers Association (TMA) provides us strength to deliver up to Our Full capabilities The uniting mission of the Management and Faculty of  SMARTI is to enable our students to unleash their potential  

Iam sure that the learning journey at SMARTI will continue for long through horizontal and vertical expansion in our operations


Director Recourse & Administration

M.Phil. -Eco, LLB, M.Ed. MBA


A Joint Project Of Ministry  Of Commerce Govt. Of Pakistan And Towel Manufacturers Association (TMA) 


DAE Textile weaving

Affiliated Sindh Board of Technical Education we offer 3 Years Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE)

DAE Textile Dyeing and Printing

Affiliated Sindh of Technical Education we Offer 3 years Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE)

BS Textile

Affiliated to University of Karachi SMARTI Offer 4 Years BS Textile Specialization in WET - Processing




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Quailty Education

we will provide Best Teachers and quality education

Performance Rewards

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Healty Foods

"We take care of our institute's students' health and provide them with a good environment and a canteen."


"We control our institute with the help of CCTV cameras so that a good environment can be provided to you and you can succeed in your education."